Project Description

Are You Ready To Improve Your Cold Room Operations?

Manual Handling Legislation


The Keg Lifter is your safety solution to keg lifting, stacking and re-arranging.  This lightweight design has a compact footprint that allows operation in tight spaces and walk-in coolers.  Gone are the days that two or three employees have to lift kegs manually, risking injury.

  • Highly Manoeuvrable
    Ergonomic Design
  • Reduces Injuries
  • Manual or Electric Lift
  • Modular Design

Product Specifications

  • Lifting Capacities 60 – 90 – 125 – 160 – 225 kg as standard.
  • Attachment for Kegs / Boxes / Cartons / Sacks / Drums / Reels.
  • Mechanical or electrical grippers, rotators and dispensers.
  • Telescopic mast extensions.
  • Built in safety steps.
  • Built in Weighing Scales.
  • Maintenance free heavy duty batteries.
  • EX Rating or ATEX compliant on request.
  • Custom built on request.

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