Project Description

Are You Ready To Improve Your Cold Room Operations?

Manual Handling Legislation

Keg Safety Disc, (KSD).


The KSD creates maximum stability on uneven surfaces.

KSD unique design allows greater stability of barrels when stacked on uneven surfaces.  This decreases the chance of barrels falling that may cause accident or injury, harming you or your employees.


The KSD stops kegs from sliding into one another.

The patented design of the KSD allows the user greater control of their barrels.  Once the barrel is in place the KSD will not allow it to slide into the barrels beside it.  This stops barrels from falling and causing damage to your property or worse you!


The KSD creates more space in small storage areas.

The KSD allows you to safely stack your barrels in a uniform manner.  This will save space and keep your keg/cold room tidy and free from dangerously stacked barrels.


Incorrectly stacked kegs represent a clearly identifiable hazard for your risk assessments.  Kegs sliding and falling can potentially cause harm and injury to any employee in contact with those kegs.  The KSD represents a low cost, immediate remedy to this hazard and can eliminate the risk of kegs sliding and falling thus causing injury.

Product Benefits

Patented lock-in technolgy

Prevents sliding

A simple space solution

Safely stack kegs

Safety through efficiency

Secure kegs and move two kegs per trolley

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