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We at Keg-Tek are passionate innovators of keg handling safety equipment. Our product journey comes from our experience as fellow publicans. We understand the balance of enhanced productivity versus genuine safety for all staff members in particular during the manual handling of kegs. It is for this reason we have created innovative solutions to share from our premises to yours.

What We Do

Specializing in Keg Handling Safety and Storage Equipment for the Bar and Hospitality Sector

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Our Products

Safely lift, move and handle kegs with our selection of keg lifters and trolleys. Efficiently stack and slide kegs with our patented keg safety discs. Increase operational speed and coldroom cellar storage space. Our patented keg design safety discs and heavily tested keg lifters meet the standards and reccomendations of HSA approved health and safety training providers.

Keg Lifters

Ergonomically defined

The Keg Lifter is your safety solution to keg lifting, stacking and re-arranging.  This lightweight design has a compact footprint that allows operation in tight spaces and walk-in coolers.  An ideal lifting control measure to adhere to HSA law, legislation and approved risk assessments.

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Keg Trolleys

Robust and practical

The keg trolley is made up of steel, with rust resistant powder coating. It is manufactured with ergonomic design to ease the load on the operator.  Large diameter wheels and ease of hook mechanism allowing for easy maneuverability.

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Safety Discs

Patented Design

The patented Keg Safety Disk (KSD) allows you to safely stack your barrels in a uniform manner.  This will save space and keep your keg/cold room tidy and free from dangerously stacked barrels.

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Safeguard Your Staff… Enhance your Cold-Room Operations

We make it easier for publicans and operation managers to adhere to manual handling law and legislation. Our products meet the practical necessity of busy cold room operations and are fully HSA approved.

The number of claims made for manual handling injuries reported to the HSA
The Hospitality Industry is the second highest ranking sector for work place absences
50% of Injuries in Bar and Hospitality Sector Comes From Manual Handling
The statistic of occupational diseases due to the stretching of lumbar vertebrae to back when lifting awkward loads over time. )
Manual Handling Legislation

What Our Customers Say

The best endorsements come from the satisfaction of performance experienced by our existing customers.

“The Keg Handling Safety Solution developed by Keg-Tek, is the answer you need to the hazards posed by lifting and handling of kegs. The safety of our staff and best practice is paramount to our operation and with their solution, we know we are covered. The team in Keg-tek are always on-hand to help and their service has been exceptional“

Georgi Stoyanov, SSP Ireland (Slaney Bar, Dublin Airport)

“The Keg Lifter is one of the best pieces of equipment we have ever purchased. It is so easy to use and I now don’t worry about getting hurt while handling these heavy kegs – a great product, which gives me peace of mind”

DJ O’Riordan, Purchasing Manager, Killarney International Hotel
“The Electric Keg Lifter has provided our staff with a safe keg handling solution that is simple to use, efficient and reliable. It is just a great product overall!”
John Beattie, Operations Manager, Ballsbridge Hotel (Dalata Hotels)

“We have been using the keg safety disks for a quite a few years now and what a simple, but brilliant product. Our cold-room has been transformed and they make stacking kegs easy & safe”

Matt Tebbit, University of Reading

“We purchased a number of Keg-tek’s products and are extremely impressed with the quality, simplicity and how effective they are”

Philip Peake, Events & Hospitality Services, Irish Greyhound Board

“A great solution! We have been using the Keg Lifter & Safety Disks for the past four years and our staff love them. Even on match days when things are very busy, we are able to maintain a tidy & safe working environment”

Aodhan O’Farrell, Thomond Park Stadium, Limerick

Our Customers

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